Simon Galperin Owner
Tiger DV was started out of necessity

Just as with most human progress, Tiger DV was started out of necessity and a personal problem. Simon, our founder and CEO had an accident. His beloved and rare orange Mustang was rear-ended in the early morning hours by a drunk stripper high on Xanax. As Simon researched online about what should be done after an accident he stumbled on one obscure article about something called diminished value. He discovered that even if a car is properly repaired its market value still drops substantially due to accident stigma also known as the CARFAX stigma. This loss of market value is called diminished value.

Simon asked the car accident lawyer handling his personal injury case about diminished value – the lawyer wanted nothing to do with it. The lawyer didn’t do property damage cases because unlike the high-dollar personal injury claims, several thousand dollars in diminished value were not “worth his time”. Well, they damn sure were worth Simon’s time.

Simon then asked his mother about diminished value because someone hit her car three years earlier. She’s never heard of it. Simon kept asking… his friends and relatives, Uber drivers, his barber and anyone who would listen. Almost every new person he met - he asked. And NO ONE has ever heard of it. Yet, diminished value claims are common law in all fifty states, and at-fault insurance companies are liable to cover them just like they cover things like repairs, personal injury, rentals, loss of wages and other things.

The more Simon learned, the more outraged he got. This wasn’t right! Insurance companies were quietly taking advantage of everyday drivers to the tune of literally billions of dollars a year. Most drivers don’t even realize they’re taking a big hit on diminished value, let alone that insurance companies must make them whole for it.

Simon decided to something about it and Tiger DV was born. He became a certified auto appraiser and started helping car owners and accident attorneys with diminished value claims by providing them with fast, fair and accurate diminished value appraisals. Today, he's a respected expert on diminished value and a published author on the subject.

SIMON SAYS: “There are few things in life more satisfying than helping people get what they deserve!”



In my profession, reliability is of utmost importance. I quickly learned that Simon of Tiger DV is very reliable, efficient, and responsive to any and all concerns both myself and my clients have. Simon is totally transparent with his evaluation, and I never have to second-guess the accuracy of his Diminished Valuation Report. I strongly recommend Simon and Tiger DV to all personal injury attorneys to handle their DV claims.

Peter Mazzeo

Leading Accident & Injury Attorney,
The National Trial Lawyers Top 100


Wanted to personally thank you.

Wanted to personally thank you. I followed your guide and now they are sending me a check for my DV claim. Thanks again man super helpful!!!

TEDDY C Los Angeles, CA Toyota Corolla

$1800 for a nearly 3 year old Korean commuter car

My 2017 Hyundai Ioniq hybrid was rear-ended in early July in San Antonio, which sent my front left corner into the divider wall. Just two 15 minute phonecalls alone net me $1800 for a nearly three year old Korean commuter car with 30k miles.

GIAN S San Antonio, TX Honda Civic