You're not legally obligated to delay your DV claim until the repairs complete. In fact, it's in your best interest to make the claim as soon as possible because the at-fault party's policy limits are not infinite and can be exhausted before you get around to making the DV claim. Additionally, there are other negative factors such as inflation that work against you as time passes. Practically, this means that the best time to make the claim is as soon as you have the DV estimate because that's when a proper diminished value appraisal can be conducted.

An inspection of the vehicle is absolutely unnecessary for a proper appraisal of Inherent Diminished Value. The vehicle is fixed and in 99% of cases there are no issues with the repair. There is nothing to inspect. Yet, despite proper repairs the car has lost market value because now it has a dirty vehicle history due to the accident. A proper Inherent Diminished Value appraisal appraises the amount of this loss.

It doesn't matter at all. Since no physical inspection is neccessary for an Inherent Diminished Value Appraisal, your appraiser can be anywhere in the United States. We have happy clients nationwide as can be seen on our 100% 5-star Google Reviews.

Sometimes the insurance company will say you can't make a diminished value claim because your vehicle has had a prior accident. That is absolutely false. You have a legal right to make a diminished value claim regardless of prior accidents. While not all claims with priors are viable, many are. To see if your claim is viable, get a free DV estimate.

We will have your appraisal package emailed to you within 24 hours. As for how long it takes to get paid, that mostly depends on the adjuster assigned to your claim. If they are fair, prompt and competent, you can have your check on the way within a week.

Inherent Diminished Value is the loss in market value of a vehicle after it suffered a collision and was repaired. This loss occurs even if repairs were done properly. Diminished value is also known as the CARFAX stigma or the accident stigma because car buyers are demanding steep discounts for vehicles with accident history. The average diminished value amount is $6,000 but we've seen claims as high as $70,000. Tiger DV specializes in Diminished Value Appraisals and helps car owners get diminished value compensation they deserve. If your car was hit in an accident within the last ten years get a free Diminished Value Estimate!

Obtain an independent Diminished Value Appraisal from Tiger DV and use it to back up your claim. Send the insurance company a Demand Letter describing your claim and attach our appraisal as proof of loss. We provide a highly effective sample Demand Letter free of charge to all of our clients.

Yes! If you use our proven claim process and don’t receive at least the cost of the appraisal from the insurance company, we will gladly refund 100% of the appraisal cost, no questions asked. You can purchase our appraisal with full confidence and peace of mind – we’re not here to take your money, we’re here to get you the money you deserve. Please refer to Money-Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions for full policy details.

Common law recognizes diminished value in all states except Nebraska.

Yes, you can because the concept of "no-fault" only applies to personal injuries and medical bills. It does not apply to diminished value claims. For a diminished value claim, someone is always at fault and you can claim DV from their insurance.

If you were not at fault for the accident, your vehicle wasn’t leased at the time of the accident and it wasn’t totaled – you qualify for making a diminished value claim with the at-fault insurance company. Additionally, in Georgia you can make a claim with your own insurance company when you were at fault.

Yes, we will. We provide continuous guidance and support during the claim process to all of our clients free of charge. Our extensive experience with diminished value claims allows us to efficiently handle any games the insurance company might try to play.

Your vehicle has suffered DV regardless of whether the accident ends up on CARFAX or Autocheck. When you go to trade the car in at a dealer, any dealer will easily be able to tell it's been in an accident with simple tools such as paint gauges. Additionally, if you sell to a private party, the first question you will get is about accidents. Ethical considerations aside, lying to a car buyer about prior accidents is illegal and falls under "fraud by deception."

You're not supposed to know this unless you're an auto collision repair professional. Simply call up the body shop, ask them and get a simple yes or no answer. They will know.

We would highly advise against accepting it. The 17c formula was put together by insurance company lawyers in Georgia and is designed to grossly under-appraise diminished value. You don’t have to agree to its use. Obtaining an independent diminished value appraisal from a reputable auto appraiser is very likely to result in a substantially higher appraisal amount. You can then use that appraisal to negotiate a higher settlement offer.



In my profession, reliability is of utmost importance. I quickly learned that Simon of Tiger DV is very reliable, efficient, and responsive to any and all concerns both myself and my clients have. Simon is totally transparent with his evaluation, and I never have to second-guess the accuracy of his Diminished Valuation Report. I strongly recommend Simon and Tiger DV to all personal injury attorneys to handle their DV claims.

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Wanted to personally thank you.

Wanted to personally thank you. I followed your guide and now they are sending me a check for my DV claim. Thanks again man super helpful!!!

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$1800 for a nearly 3 year old Korean commuter car

My 2017 Hyundai Ioniq hybrid was rear-ended in early July in San Antonio, which sent my front left corner into the divider wall. Just two 15 minute phonecalls alone net me $1800 for a nearly three year old Korean commuter car with 30k miles.

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